30-Day Gratitude Challenge: Week 3

According to many Law of Attraction teachers, gratitude is the key to happiness and fulfillment. Curious about its benefits, I embarked on this 30-Day Gratitude Challenge. Discover below how my third week went.

Day 15: Profound gratitude

What I like about this gratitude challenge is that it encourages me to find positives even when I’m preoccupied with something. Without this thankfulness challenge, I would have spent most of this day feeling sorry for myself, stretching my back muscles as often as possible, and worrying about how to prevent this from ever happening again.

Were there small things to be grateful about? Undoubtedly, but they were eclipsed by my injury. As a result, the items I wrote down in my gratitude journal were more profound. I thanked my parents for their love for each other and for me and my sister, and I thanked myself for the courage that was required to have a child.

Day 16: When a plan comes together

Today was a day on which I had planned a lot of tasks. I’m preparing for my summer vacation and quite a few things needed to get done. They worked out exactly as I had planned and imagined. 🙂

One of the themes I find in the things I’m grateful for, is control. But really, this is just the means to an end. The sense of control I get from planning and subsequently executing my plan, gives me feelings of peace and calm.

Days 17 to 19: Gratitude in overdrive

The holidays have started! Life is all about fun and enjoyment now. I remember doing an exercise once, in which I had to write down what my ideal day looked live. Well, I’m living those ideal days every day now – and it shows when you read my gratitude journal!

Many times a day I sigh and say: “I could live like this forever.” And then immediately I correct myself: “I can live like this now. There’s no need to wait until retirement to live my ideal days.”

Day 20: Mediterranean dreaming

I have arrived in a beach town on the Mediterranean coast in which life revolves around paella and beach bars. “In this town, there are no plans,” my love had told me in advance. “You do whatever you like, whenever you want.” Sounds like the perfect place for a Manifestinator who strives to follow his highest excitement

Day 21: Enjoying the simple things

This week, my days have transformed into a succession of things to be thankful for for. These aren’t big things or miraculous manifestations, but rather the small things in life: going for a morning run, having great food in great company, playing in the waves, and even managing to be productive. Life is good. 🙂

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